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    5 Tips to make the most of your MLS search

    Search offers features to help you save time and narrow your results. But did you know there are many different ways to search for listings in TREND? Here are 5 tips to help you make the most of those features.

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    1. Start with the County.

    You might gloss right over the county area option, because it’s too broad of a search criteria, but the county will actually help you narrow your search. When you enter information into a county, you’ll only see the available options within that county for MLS Area, School District, Subdivision and City. It’s the easiest way to quickly narrow your area options.

    2. Set search defaults with the Gear icon.

    If your buyers are typically in the same area or searching for the same type of property, enter that information and click the gear icon at the top of the search screen. Then choose, “Set currently selected search criteria as my starting default.” Now every time you go to the search screen, the area information you entered will be automatically available.

    3. Use the number range fields to be as precise as you need.

    You’ve probably seen this text at the top of the search screen: For range fields, you can enter a single number (Ex: 3), a minimum (Ex: 3+), or a range (Ex: 0-365). But have you taken advantage of these options?
    • Your clients may want 4 bedrooms, no more, no less. For that, you’ll want to use just the number 4 in your search.
    • The same buyer may want a minimum of 3 bathrooms. For that, you’ll want to enter 3+ into the search.
    • The sales price is typically a range, for example 300-315.

    4. Accidentally clicked an item in a multi-item list? Use Control and left click to remove the option.

    You’re working fast. We get it. Sometimes you’re going to click something you didn’t mean to click. Just hold down control (command for Mac users) and left click to remove the selection. You can also use control (command for Mac users) and left click to select multiple items.

    5. Not seeing the field you need? Add additional fields.

    Every Bright field is not available on the main search screen. To see the additional fields you can add to your search options, scroll to the bottom of the search screen and click Add next to Additional Fields. Choose the fields you want to see on your screen and click back. These fields will be available at the bottom of the screen.

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    Janet Cribbins
    7/16/2018 3:12 PM

    I am able to sort a list of properties by status (or any other field) while doing a normal search but can't figure out how to sort properties by their status (Active - Pending - Sold) in that order when I send out auto-emails. They're sent out in price order only. How can I fix that?

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