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    Trendmls.com moving to BrightMLS.com

    Two years ago we set about to change the way real estate professionals work with and get more out of their MLS. Learn more about where you are in the conversion process.

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    Forty-four forward-thinking associations came together to form Bright MLS--to break down market barriers and provide our subscribers with access to more information and better products that could help drive their business forward.

    Since the announcement of the creation of Bright, we have been busy pulling together all of the tools and systems necessary for you to do your job. We have also begun onboarding some of the nearly 85,000 subscribers to the new Bright platform.

    Each of these conversions have been conducted under close collaboration with stakeholders, association executives,local brokers and agents to ensure that all voices are heard and that the Power Up process is as easy as possible for everyone.

    As users of TREND, your move to Bright is no different.

    Here are some important things for you to know and resources to view as you prepare for your upcoming conversion:

    1. You will no longer be able to login to www.trendmls.com after you convert. This includes any bookmarked links you may have. You will need to login to www.brightmls.com to enter, search for and view listings.
    2. Your access to Bright will begin in the coming weeks. Soon you’ll receive emails and more information about your official access to Bright. But it’s never too early to visit Brightmls.com and begin getting to know your new MLS. Here are just a few of things you should check out while you’re there:
    3. Learn how Bright will drive your business forward. Watch this video as Tom Phillips, Bright’s CEO introduces you to Bright MLS and shares how we’re driving forward together.

    If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through any of our customer support options. We anticipate a smooth transition and are thrilled to welcome all MRIS subscribers to your new Bright experience.

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    1 - 16 of 16 Comments
    Richard Goldstein
    12/8/2018 12:11 PM

    Not only did you increase our fees but a substantial amount since the merger, but now removing go trend to boot and replace with homesnap pro is a step going backwards. I can no longer have rapid access to my listings to make changes to status of price unless I am On web. Do I really need to carry a laptop around all day or have to run to the office to up date Really ??? Come on this is so 2007 again. Not pleased at all

    Lawrence Leise
    12/3/2018 9:50 PM

    So if I log into FRIGHT MLS right now, I am locked out of TREND?

    George Slawter
    12/3/2018 9:48 AM

    You continue to change things once we get accustomed to them....!!! WHY??!! Stop it already. I'll be happy when I'm out of this business due to this continuous nonsense. Of course, it surely must be good for the higher ups... I'm guessing they will get paid more, while we MUST adjust. It's not fair at all!

    Raymond Kelly
    11/29/2018 3:43 PM

    I agree with the others, I have been making changes to my schedule to accommodate your changes that I never asked for. To top it off you even charge me to accommodate your ridiculous changes every 5 years. Your problem is you need some competition and I hope that happens soon. I get more information from realtor.com.

    Linda Gruber
    11/28/2018 12:17 PM

    Look forward to the new system

    Neil DiFranco
    11/27/2018 1:15 PM

    Received my preview login this morning and was enjoying the experience until I tried to log back in later in the day. After calling support I was told to use a specific web browser. If this system is not capable of being used on all of the same browsers where Trend works, it is not ready for prime time. Please go back to the developers and let them know that it is unacceptable for this type of system to fail like this. It does not matter if it works on the developer's system, what matters is that it works on the user's system. The underlying CoreLogic system is not failing, just the user authentication.

    Maria Carter
    11/27/2018 9:55 AM

    The orange highlights make it difficult to see the writing in the tabs.

    Christopher Valianti
    11/25/2018 7:56 AM

    You learn one system, then you learn another system, then you learn a 3rd system and on and on it goes. Why can't you all just leave things alone? Every few years you guys are changing something major when there's nothing wrong with the old system. I don't think you'll realize what a huge waste of time, effort and money this is on our end to go to yet another class to learn another system that does the same exact thing as the old system did. Put yourself in our shoes and stop screwing around with the system.

    Andrew Wetzel
    11/16/2018 1:08 PM

    To the right of where it says "Welcome" (near the top of the screen), click on "Connect", then select Trend, click on "My Subscription" and then "Contact Information". The number will be next to your name.

    John Herreid
    11/15/2018 4:04 PM

    Need my id, how can I find it.

    John Herreid, Media, PA

    Andrew Wetzel
    11/10/2018 1:45 PM

    There is more than one step involved. Follow the prompts. Perhaps that will change.

    Linda Walters
    11/10/2018 6:03 AM

    The directions for how to find your new TrendBright ID are not correct. There is no number next to my name.

    Daniel Drelich
    11/2/2018 3:08 PM

    It looks like my current TrendMLS screen which we've been using for the past couple years. As an appraiser, this system has the best search options of my career (25 years).

    Deborah Hornstra
    11/1/2018 6:01 AM

    I see no advantage to this merger for me and other Princeton-area agents whatsoever. We are DESPERATE to merge with Central Jersey MLS (Middlesex county), Garden State MLS (Somerset and Hunterdon counties) and Monmouth/Ocean MLS. Right now I have to belong to four MLSs to do my job and that will not change after Bright eats up Trend. It's not saving me one penny and not giving me anything to work with that I don't already have. I don't want access to any PA counties except Bucks and I don't want Delaware at all. So what are you doing for Princeton area agents who have to belong to four MLSs, Bright?

    Manish Modi
    10/31/2018 11:21 PM

    Not sure how converting to BrightMLS will "drive our business forward" I can tell that the fees have increased to at least double since they merged.

    Erica Lacey
    10/27/2018 2:25 PM

    Erica Lacey

    1 - 16 of 16 Comments
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