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Workshop Descriptions


Being able to choose from different workshops allows you to find a subject that suits you. Our
curriculum is constantly changing to keep up with your needs, so check often for additional
workshops. The duration of each workshop is 60 minutes, with additional time
for questions at the end, and led by a TREND Account Executive.
Remember, all workshops are free with your TREND
membership, so take advantage of them all.

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TREND Basics: Jump Start Success

Login to Register Are you a brand new agent? Do you work floor duty or receive real estate information inquiries from friends and family? Would you like to establish yourself in the TREND community of real estate professionals? Entering the real estate business can be overwhelming, to say the least. People to meet. Calls to make. New technology to learn. At the TREND Jump Start class, you will:
  • Learn to navigate the MLS efficiently so you can spend more time getting business done and getting the information
    you need.
  • Develop your brand and reach out to potential clients by leveraging tools in TREND.
  • Quickly access support resources and customize the TREND system using preferences to help save time and effort.
  • Collaborate and network with other TREND members.

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Working with Buyers: Build Lifelong Relationships

Login to Register Wondering how to differentiate yourself from the mass of buyer's agents in today's marketplace? Looking to build a relationship that will continue past the current transaction into referrals and repeat business? We will take you on a journey of transformation. Here you'll:
  • Get valuable tools to assist in finding your buyer's true needs and wants
  • Manage contact information using the MLS
  • Match listings to buyers
  • Keep the client-to-agent relationship thriving during the home buying process and beyond
As this is an intermediate class, attendees should know the basics of buyer agency.

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Market Your Listings Online: More Views, Showings, Results

Login to Register How many buyers use the Internet to find their next home? 90% Over the last 10 years the Internet has exploded as a means to advertise and market real estate. In the Philadelphia area, TREND is where Internet marketing starts. In Market Listings on the Web you will learn the following:
  • How your TREND listings live on the internet
  • Where your listings are published on-line
  • Why descriptions should have visual and tactile words
  • How to take quality listing photos
  • Why it is vital to enter a full, "market ready" listing before you ever publish it
As this is an advanced class, attendees should know the basics of how to enter a listing.

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Generate Leads & Referrals: An Action Plan to Win Business

Login to Register Do you want to expand your client base? Have you implemented a marketing strategy to reach out to your current and new clients? Leads and referrals are the bread and butter of the real estate business. Learn about the endless opportunities that exist for those who use the competitive advantage of TREND's "Get Set, TREND, Go!" method. In this class you will:
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Organize your current sphere of interest based on real estate needs
  • Expand your niche and reach out through mailing labels
As this is an advanced class, attendees should already know the basics of contact management and creating labels.

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Listing & CMA Presentations: Know Your Generations

Login to Register Are you baffled when your client uses text instead of calling you? Frustrated when a quick question about a feature in your seller’s home turns into a fifteen minute story? Looking for strategies to better bridge the generation gap between your client and you? Find the tools for success:
  • Adapt your listing presentation to meet the unique needs and expectations of your client
  • Learn the characteristics of the major generational identities through engaging group discussion
  • Find out how you can understand and build relationships with today's diverse consumer
  • Anticipate the questions your client may think but never ask
  • Demonstrate value to your client by using public records to structure a comprehensive CMA
As this is an advanced class, attendees should know the basics of using the MLS system.

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Farming Facebook Using TREND: Turning Friends Into Clients

Login to Register Facebook offers Real Estate professionals efficiency in acquiring new business and increasing referrals by reaching many potential clients with less effort. Use Facebook to "Fish where the Fish are" (over 1 billion users as of 2012), and build relationships and referrals. This workshop will guide you through how to:
  • Select which platform is right for your purpose and message
  • Structure and time your posts for efficiency and professionalism
  • Maintain your social capital

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Price it Right with TREND Data: Navigate Pricing Dangers

Login to Register Are your client's fighting you on setting their list price? Are they reluctant to make price adjustments after sitting on the market with little activity? Then you need to attend Price it Right with TREND Data! This workshop helps you combat inaccurate and misleading online valuations with hard data and statistics from the source: The MLS. Learn where and how to gather specific, hyper-local resources to educate your clients and help them make the right decisions.
  • Debunk 3rd party home valuation websites
  • Show the client that the market sets the price, not you
  • Use specific statistics and metrics to guide you client’s pricing decisions
  • Price it right the first time!
This is an advanced class, so you will be expected to have a working knowledge of MLS basics such as Listing Search, Listing Reports, CMA, Printing, along with general industry experience and knowledge.

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Keeping Up with TRENDs: Your Monthly TREND Update

Login to Register Are you curious about how to put into practice TREND's new features and enhancements? Want a sneak preview of things to come in the MLS? Intrigued at the prospect of tips and tricks to streamline your business practices? Check out our monthly Keeping Up With TRENDs workshop that presents the latest information about the MLS in a succinct and timely format. After the Keeping Up With TRENDs workshop, you will:
  • Be current on the latest and greatest that TREND has to offer
  • Benefit from time saving tips and efficiencies to support your business
  • Have insight into the direction the MLS is moving to meet market and member demands
  • Receive answers to your burning MLS questions
Workshop content changes monthly, so mark your calendar and plan to make your participation part of your regular business development plan.

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