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    Workshop Descriptions


    Being able to choose from different workshops allows you to find
    a subject that suits you. Our curriculum is constantly changing to
    keep up with your needs, so check often for additional workshops.
    The duration of each workshop is 60 minutes, with additional time
    for questions at the end, and led by one of TREND's Account
    . Remember, all workshops are free with your TREND
    membership, so take advantage of them all.
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    MLS Essentials

    Login to Register The TREND system includes lots of great features and options. At this workshop, you will learn to:
    • Navigate the system swiftly so you can get what you need, and spend more time getting business done
    • Master the search, Speed Bar, map, and display options to get information for your clients more efficiently
    • Set up your client-facing information, like your header, mobile header and signature; and customize your experience with Preferences
    • Maximize the Portal, a shared online office space where you and your clients can communicate, while keeping their homebuying and selling experience organized.
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    Get to Know the Portal: Easy Client Communication

    Login to Register Learn how you can meet the market demand for clients to search for properties, organize the listings they're viewing, and promote collaboration and communication. Use this online office tool to bring additional value to your clients and meet your clients where they want to be.
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    MLS Appraiser Essentials

    Login to Register TREND’s system includes lots of great features and options for appraisers as well as agents and brokers. At this workshop you will learn to:
    • Master the search, Speed Bar, map, and display options to get information for your appraisals efficiently.
    • Generate the statistics needed to complete the 1004MC with ease.
    • Quickly get statistics, tabular and/or charts, on any search criteria you want.
    • Get vital information on a neighborhood by clicking on map parcels.
    • Create your own exports.
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    Keeping Up with TRENDs: Your Monthly TREND Update

    Are you curious about how to put into practice TREND's new features and updates? Want a sneak preview of things to come in the MLS? Intrigued at the prospect of tips and tricks to streamline your business practices? Check out our monthly Keeping Up With TRENDs workshop that presents the latest information about the MLS in a succinct and timely format. After the Keeping Up With TRENDs workshop, you will:
    • Be current on the latest and greatest that TREND has to offer.
    • Benefit from time saving tips and efficiencies to support your business.
    • Have insight into the direction the MLS is moving to meet market and member demands.
    • Receive answers to your burning MLS questions.
    Workshop content changes monthly, so mark your calendar and plan to make your participation part of your regular business development plan.

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    CMAs: Setting the Right Price & Making the Right Offer

    Login to Register Are you looking to create a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help your buyer with an offer strategy that gets them the property they want? Or are you creating a listing presentation to capture a seller’s interest and get that listing?

    Find the tools for success in this informative workshop where you’ll:
    • Learn to best present your proven skills and experience to a potential client
    • Anticipate your client’s expectations with regard to price and value
    • Establish yourself as the subject matter expert by determining the property background and market climate
    • Adapt your listing presentation to meet the unique needs and expectations of your client, and prepare with the questions your client may not think to ask, but needs to know
    • Demonstrate value to your client by crafting a comprehensive CMA
    As this is an advanced class, we will expect that attendees will know the essentials of system use.
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    Adding a Market Ready Listing

    Login to Register Did you know more buyers find the home they purchase through the Internet than through an agent? Marketing listings on-line begins with TREND so make the most of it. In Adding a Market Ready Listing you will learn how to list in TREND to receive more showings, offers, and results. This workshop includes:
    • Learning how to efficiently enter listings into the TREND MLS system
    • Reviewing where your listings are marketed once entered in TREND
    • Making the most of your listing’s best features
    • Writing property descriptions that make your listing stand out from the rest
    • Taking quality photos to draw more eyes to your listing
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    Manage Listings and Sellers

    Are your clients pressing you for more showings, higher prices, and a quick sale regardless of their marketplace? Consumers have access to more information than ever and this means you need to know everything about your client’s market, their position in it, and manage their expectations for the sale… and for you. In Manage Listings and Sellers you will learn how TREND can help you keep your client’s “on track” and “on-board” with the listing and selling process. This workshop includes:
    • Keeping your Seller up to a date on their marketplace
    • Providing REAL VIEWS information to your Seller to show consumer interest
    • Finding REAL BUYERS who are looking for listings like yours
    • Communicating with your clients and managing their expectations

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    A Bright Way to New Leads

    Looking for new clients? Always! Prospecting for new business is a marathon, not a sprint. Lighten the load by establishing repeatable processes and simple strategies to grow your pool of leads. A Bright Way to New Leads will help you use the MLS to:
    • Target key audiences
    • Prepare compelling content that captures interest and develops relationships
    • Match material and groups to execute successful marketing and garner new clients

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