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    Our Staff



    Each member of TREND's staff is a hands-on contributor to the success of the organization. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the tools, information and personal support you need from TREND to be successful in your business. Meet the individuals who are focused on helping you be more successful every day.
    Each member of TREND's staff is a hands-on contributor to the success of the organization. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the tools, information and personal support you need from TREND to be successful in your business. Meet the individuals who are focused on helping you be more successful every day.
    Corporate & Human Resources
    Is inspired everyday by the creativity and energy of his team.

    Loves to travel. He went to Iceland...in the winter...on purpose.

    With us 8/14/2000

    Tom Phillips
    President and CEO
    Resident wordsmith protecting TREND and member interests.

    Favorite color combination is aqua and lime.

    With us 1/19/2004

    Cheri Andrews
    General Counsel
    Helps you find the answers if you don't know where to go.

    Was an extra on the original movie "Hairspray."

    With us 1/21/2003

    Jessie Hartman
    Assistant to the President and CEO
    Provides white glove support for staff workstations and devices.

    Loves concerts and rocking out in his home studio!

    With us 5/8/1996

    Larry Gilbert
    Technical Services Representative
    Helps create a functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment at TREND.

    Loves everything pickled.

    With us 1/1/2015

    Lien Quach
    Human Resources Coordinator
    Willing to go above and beyond to assist our staff.

    A former professional dancer for 6 years.

    With us 9/29/2015

    Maria Claro
    Office Assistant
    Assists in attracting and retaining our talented employees!

    Obsessed with Nutella and thinks peanut butter is overrated!

    With us 10/24/2011

    Stefani Romeo
    Human Resources Supervisor
    Design & Communications
    Promotes modern communication strategies and everyday words.

    During college, interned at the Rosie O'Donnell show in NYC.

    With us 11/18/1997

    Sharon Lukens
    Director, Design and Communications
    Makes sure you know what’s new and coming soon at TREND.

    Prefers pistachio ice cream.

    With us 3/26/2012

    Emily Schaffer
    Senior Communications Writer / Coordinator
    In charge of making all TREND things pretty.

    Dove with sharks, under the ice and to a maximum depth of 175 feet under the ocean.

    With us 2/15/2016

    Luke McKean
    Web Interface and Graphic Designer
    It can't be that hard...it's just debits and credits.

    Actually, is not very good with numbers.

    With us 6/19/2000

    Dennis Durkin
    Chief Financial Officer
    Helps handle all of your billing needs.

    Loves spending time with her children.

    With us 2/23/2015

    Angela Kelly
    Accounting Assistant
    Mixed up in the financial activities of TREND.

    A hammer carrying designer.

    With us 7/18/2000

    Joseph Sutton
    Product Management and Operations
    Has spent half his life delivering you real estate data.

    Spends the other half coaching baseball and basketball.

    With us 1/2/2003

    Ken Schneider
    Vice President of Product Management & Operations
    She turns data into tools you can't live without.

    Loves early morning and late day kayak rides.

    With us 3/12/2001

    Mary Frances Adams
    Director, Business Development
    Has worked on every computer system that runs the MLS.

    Prefers the beach to the mountains any day of the week.

    With us 2/26/2001

    Bonnie Watson
    Operations Team Lead & Senior Systems Administrator
    Turns zeroes and ones into useful real estate information.

    Brews his own beer.

    With us 10/31/2005

    Brandon Kurtz
    Senior Software Developer
    Need data for business use or internet display? He's your man!

    Makes an award-winning chili.

    With us 5/5/2003

    Dennis Kearns
    Business Development Manager
    Manages the aggregation and distribution of listing data.

    Snowboards in the winter, gardens in the summer.

    With us 2/21/2000

    Eric Petersen
    Senior Product Manager
    Improves TREND to make it easier for members to do their job.

    Loves exploring travel destinations and planning trips.

    With us 12/1/2004

    Ginka Nikolov
    Senior Product Manager
    Maintains the health of the servers to ensure members get their data fast.

    Enjoys tennis, ping pong, basketball, and going to gym.

    With us 7/1/2014

    Habtamu Beneberu
    Database Administrator
    Provides staff tech support and 24-7 server/storage support.

    Enjoys traveling, playing guitar, and is an avid NHL fan.

    With us 12/22/2008

    Hank Vare
    Technical Services Representative
    Designs, develops, stores, secures and serves data.

    Enjoys playing outdoors with his son.

    With us 9/3/2013

    Hari Kolluri
    Senior Database Administrator
    Helps create the features you need.

    Wishes he could hit the slopes all year round.

    With us 1/22/2013

    James Mainhart
    Associate Software Developer
    Responsible for handling the updates to public records.

    Enjoys dancing, cooking and travel.

    With us 1/4/2006

    Jeraldine O'Hara
    Associate Product Manager
    He fixes "all the things."

    He worked for the White House—the one found in Atlantic City.

    With us 7/8/2013

    Joseph Barbere
    Senior Software Developer
    Reviews defects to ensure they get resolved.

    Can often be found tearing down Forbidden Drive on his bike.

    With us 1/1/2014

    Ken Shinzato
    Quality Assurance Analyst
    Makes sure all TREND's equipment keeps working.

    Is a huge Flyer's fan.

    With us 4/21/2014

    Leon Tetruashvili
    Network Administrator
    Tests updates to TREND to ensure everything functions how it should.

    Has a 120-pound German Shepherd pup named Gryffindor.

    With us 1/2/2002

    Maureen Pownall
    Quality Assurance Analyst
    Works hard to spot problems in the system before they happen.

    Loves chocolate.

    With us 3/25/2013

    Piotr Szajowski
    Senior Software Developer
    Is involved in TREND projects from beginning to end.

    Looks forward to retiring on a beach...someday...

    With us 11/27/1995

    Stacey Shearn
    Senior Quality Solutions Lead
    Researches and documents every detail for TREND products.

    A husband, dad, gamer and mummer.

    With us 11/28/2005

    Steve Grubb
    Product Manager
    Uses whiteboards to plan the future of the MLS.

    Part-time chauffer for his two kids—they don't tip well.

    With us 10/7/2003

    Steve Singer
    Senior Manager of Software Development
    Designs and enhances web applications to benefit customers.

    If a Philadelphia Eagles game is on, he’s watching it.

    With us 3/13/2013

    Steven Hostetter
    Senior Software Developer
    Training & Support
    Your 'go to' guy for TREND 'how to' questions.

    The spicier, the better—food, that is.

    With us 6/25/2007

    Vernon Jones III
    Director, Training and Support
    Gladly assists members in all things TREND.

    Huge fan of cycling, skydiving and most things outdoors.

    With us 9/14/2015

    Andrew Cucinotta
    Support Center Specialist
    Here to support you with your tough, technical issues.

    Loves his dogs like they’re his kids. Enjoys playing hockey!

    With us 4/26/2010

    Daniel Kelly
    Listing Accuracy & Policy Specialist
    Works with appraisers and commercial real estate members.

    Loves Myrtle Beach, but his family insists on Disney.

    With us 12/18/2006

    David Davis
    Corporate Relations Executive
    Strives to help members understand how to better utilize TREND.

    Enjoys a good story, song, joke—and a good night’s sleep.

    With us 8/24/2015

    Derek D’Angiolini
    Senior Support Center Specialist
    Monitor systems and resources to ensure members are assisted.

    Can still out play teenagers on the basketball court.

    With us 3/22/2010

    Jace Jones
    Senior Manager, Customer Support
    Enjoys working with members on a daily basis—is constantly searching for new ways TREND can benefit you!

    Voted best Dad by his infant.

    With us 4/21/2014

    James Gaughan
    Account Executive
    The TREND guru, making the MLS work for you.

    He once almost met Wayne Gretzky.

    With us 5/28/2013

    John Vuotto
    Support Center Specialist
    Mission: Brighten agents days.

    Runs a popular cat Instagram account.

    With us 10/4/2015

    Kaitlin Komeleski
    Support Center Specialist
    Creating customers for life, one contact at a time.

    Has lived in both Italy & Greece but prefers the beach!

    With us 1/23/2017

    Katie DiBona
    Support Center Supervisor
    Enthusiastic about helping our members succeed.

    Creates and molds designs for chocolate holiday lollipops.

    With us 4/11/2016

    Kathryn Sadecki
    Support Center Specialist
    Helps members discover new ways TREND can aid their business.

    Served on the board of a cemetery; he's seen things that can’t be unseen.

    With us 5/8/2006

    Kurt Miller
    Account Executive Manager
    Teams up with members to optimize their results.

    Loves to cook while listening to the Blues.

    With us 3/6/2017

    Mark King
    Support Center Specialist
    Loves interacting with members—and gives you pens!

    Can play the drums, sing and chew gum—at the same time!

    With us 7/26/2010

    Mike Carlin
    Account Executive
    Willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done right the first time.

    Prefers the road less traveled.

    With us 7/16/2007

    Mike Schrank
    Support Center Team Lead
    Handles issues with care for our members.

    Writer, animal lover and processing queen that loves paperwork.

    With us 2/6/2017

    Morgan Edstrom
    Support Center Specialist
    Helps members
    succeed with TREND and GoTREND knowledge

    Renovates houses for fun; sells them and starts all over!

    With us 8/17/2015

    Robert Andress
    Account Executive
    Your resident listing detective and trouble shooter.

    Feed her rabbit food...she's a vegetarian.

    With us 5/14/2001

    Rose-Marie Lucas
    Listing Accuracy Supervisor
    Writing Online Support to get you the help you need 24/7.

    Frontman for the band Rot Spawn. Bela Lugosi is our biggest fan.

    With us 4/4/2005

    Solomon Kleit
    Support Center Specialist
    MLS tech wiz, that will make sure all your problems get solved efficiently!

    Guitarist, writer, nerd. Loves his puppy like it's his daughter!

    With us 5/26/2015

    Thomas Rader
    Support Center Specialist
    Assists TREND members with patience and respect.

    Fabulous face painter—she used to work for a face painting company.

    With us 6/20/2016

    Tracy Fifer
    Support Center Specialist
    Always available with new info and an icebreaker video.

    Animal loving, roller derby queen.

    With us 6/11/2001

    Valerie Stephan
    Professional Development Trainer

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