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    Bright Buzz, Feb 2017

    We know you have some questions about the new MLS. Read the answers to some of these questions in the February Edition of the Bright Buzz.

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    What’s happening now? Next?

    Support teams from Rockville, MD and King of Prussia, PA are combining. In early April 2017, you can dial a new toll free phone number, and when you do, you’ll hear “Welcome to Bright MLS! How may I assist you?” You’ll also have a new way to view and pay your bills. We’ll send more information about this change soon.

    Development teams are busy mapping MLS listing data from nine different MLSs into one format; they are collecting the required public records for 150 jurisdictions, and building the new Bright MLS system - a broad ecosystem of robust property information and analytics to power your real estate business.

    When will I be able to search the new Bright footprint?

    Not quite yet. 2017 is a year of transition. As you read this, we are preparing the new system for data entry. Later this year we will begin converting all participating organizations to that system. We anticipate you will be using the new Bright system by early 2018.

    How much will a Bright MLS subscription the new system cost me?

    This consolidation has afforded us the opportunity to freeze licensee fees through 2017, so you won’t see an increase in that fee this year. By 2019, fees for subscribers of Bright who are members of a participating REALTOR® Association will transition to $35. Subscribers who are not members of participating REALTOR® Associations will pay a higher fee, $53 per month, after a similar gradual transition. This higher fee reflects and honors the risk and investment that participating Associations took to make Bright a reality.

    I use another MLS that is not participating in Bright. What can I do?

    If you think your MLS should join Bright, you must take an active role. Talk with your broker, MLS and Association leadership. Ask them to consider joining Bright. Explain to them the issues you face today. Describe to them how joining Bright will better serve you and the real estate community. It won’t happen without your voice.

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    1 - 4 of 4 Comments
    3/9/2017 9:20 AM


    Yes, the $35 fee will be monthly.

    Emily Schaffer
    TREND Communications

    Barbara E. Woods
    3/8/2017 9:40 AM

    Is the $35 a monthly fee? Thanks.

    3/1/2017 3:51 PM


    Your fee will be based on whether you are a member of a participating REALTOR association. If you are a member of a participating REALTOR association, your fee will be $35. If you are not, your fee with be $53.

    Emily Schaffer
    TREND Communications

    Donald Banaszek
    3/1/2017 10:48 AM

    Will there be a different fee for Appraisers?

    1 - 4 of 4 Comments
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