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    Video: Get Quick Stats on Any Group of Properties

    MLS statistics can be incredibly useful when talking to clients or preparing for a listing presentation. Did you know you can quickly generate these stats based on any listings in the MLS? Watch as Mike Carlin shows you how it’s done with a group of listings in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

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    Mike Carlin • Account Executive

    Mike joined TREND in 2010. He is an Account Executive for Kent, New Castle, Philadelphia and Sussex County. Through training and office visits, he provides TREND members with invaluable service for their real estate needs. Learn more about our Account Executives...

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    1 - 8 of 8 Comments
    3/31/2017 9:19 AM


    I apologize. We believe we found the issue and are working on a solution. In the mean time, I've added a link under the video that should take you to the video on Youtube, where you should be able to view without issue.

    Emily Schaffer
    TREND Communications

    Dakota Williams
    3/30/2017 7:14 AM

    The video does not play!

    3/29/2017 9:44 AM

    Carol and Edward,

    Is the video still not working for you?

    Emily Schaffer
    TREND Communications

    Diane DeVita-seneca
    3/29/2017 7:03 AM

    Great tip, thank you!!!

    Andrew Wetzel
    3/27/2017 3:46 PM

    May not be the best place to post but I have two suggestions regarding the new customizable searches. It is very nice that we can modify them but (1) it would be great to be able to send a map with any search involving mapping (not just with the so-called client templates) and (2) it would be fantastic to be able to shorten the descriptions of the columns. For example, I created a multi-family analysis and decided to add the cap rate: the title itself is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much longer than the statistic that it screws up the look of the one-line printout. The term "cap" or "cap rate" would be sufficient.

    Thanks Mike.

    Andrew Wetzel

    Lisa M. Armellino
    3/27/2017 2:14 PM

    This is great, thank you Mike!!!

    Carol Delikat
    3/26/2017 6:19 PM

    attached video does not play

    Edward Curran
    3/24/2017 1:07 PM

    Tha attached video will not play!!

    1 - 8 of 8 Comments
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