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    How Is Your Listing Doing on Client Portals?

    Do you have a few sellers that you need to follow up with? Sure you do! If you list homes, following up with your seller client is crucial to maintaining an excellent relationship. And understanding how your listing is doing on the various Client Portals can assist you with this.

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    Let’s talk!

    You often need to have hard conversations with your sellers. Maybe there’s a room in their house that needs clearing out, or a problem with the home’s curb appeal, or the need for a price reduction. It’s always better to bring real data to share during these meetings – and that’s exactly what you’ll find when using My Hit Counters, an excellent tool in the MLS.

    As you likely know, the Client Portal is where all clients are viewing and interacting with your listing. When any agent emails your listing to their client, it is opened in their Client Portal. With My Hit Counters you can view the activity that’s happening in these portals and learn:
    • How many times your listing has been viewed?
    • How many Portals your listing has been sent to?
    • How many times has a client made your listing one of their Favorites?

    Want to know how to share this with your sellers? Here's how!

    1. Login to trendmls.com and go to My TREND then My Listings.

    2. Click the drop-down menu to show My Hit Counters

    3. Find the listing you want and check out the data:
    • Client Portals: View the total number of portals your listing has reached. Click the number to view a chart.
    • Client Views: Access the total number of times that your listing has been viewed as a Client Full Report. This may show serious interest.
    • Client Favorites: See how many times has it been made a Favorite.
    • Client Possibilities: See how many times has a client made your listing a Possibility. This is a great conversation starter about why a home may be a possibility and what can be done to move it into the favorite category.
    • Auto Emails: View how many times your listing is included in an Auto Email.
    • Prev 14 Day Views: See the number of unique times the listing has been viewed in the last 2 weeks
    • Agent Published: Understand how your listing is performing in concierge searches. View the number of times your listing came up in Concierge matches and how many times the agent approved your listing.
    • Agent Rejected: View the number of times you listing came up in Concierge matches and the numbers of time an agent rejects your listing and chose not to send it to their client.
    • Agent: See how many times has any agent viewed your listing as a Member Full Report
    Access more information on each column of data in My Hit Counters.

    Communication with your client is crucial to a successful sale.

    Use My Hit Counters as part of your strategy to stay in close contact with your Seller, provide information they haven’t seen, and simultaneously demonstrate your value during the process.

    Now go get ‘em!

    Mike Carlin • Account Executive

    Mike joined TREND in 2010. He is an Account Executive for Kent, New Castle, Philadelphia and Sussex County. Through training and office visits, he provides TREND members with invaluable service for their real estate needs. Learn more about our Account Executives...

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    1 - 5 of 5 Comments
    Michael Carlin
    8/1/2017 3:41 PM

    Hey thanks Kimberley, those are excellent suggestions and I will submit them on your behalf. Have a great week!

    -Mike Carlin

    Kimberly Chadwick
    7/14/2017 2:45 PM

    I agree wholeheartedly with Robert. The time it takes for an agent to see which client marked the listing as a favorite, can discourage the buyer's agent from doing it. If there was a way that the agent was notified that the client just marked a listing as a favorite, that would be great. Also, if you could select all in reverse prospecting to reach out for price reductions, open house, special incentives, that would be huge time saver! Lastly, in reverse prospecting, I always add a link to the listing. So many times, I will get a reverse prospecting email but the link doesn't work or I have to log in, and if I am checking it from my phone, it is just a pain. Easier to send the link!

    Kim C. Esposito
    6/22/2017 5:01 PM

    This is a great tool for buyer agent follow up, price changes and following my listings impact for clients... I love it! reverse prospecting is great...too.

    Michael Carlin
    6/22/2017 11:00 AM

    Hi Robert - thanks so much for your comment, and I agree. As I travel around the region, I talk with Brokers and Agents all the time about the value in this part of the system. There's an amazing amount of information available to our members.

    Mike Carlin

    Robert Beck
    6/16/2017 3:25 PM

    As a listing agent this is a great tool HOWEVER, most agents don't know about it or how it works. I use it all the time and have sold properties because I reached out to agents whose clients have marked my listing a as a favorite! The agents had no clue until I contacted them! I think that if a client tagged a house as a favorite that was sent to them through an agents portal, that agent should be notified that their client marked a listing as a favorite so they can reach out to them about it.

    1 - 5 of 5 Comments
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