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    Create Custom Feedback Forms in Schedule a Showing

    Did you know you can create an unlimited number of custom feedback forms for use with your listings? Use these forms to gain valuable insight into how your listing is showing to potential buyers and share this feedback with your clients. Learn how.

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    Set it up!

    Learn how to set up your automatic feedback forms in Schedule a Showing.

    View step-by-step instructions here.
    With the feedback form option in Schedule a Showing, you can customize feedback forms to a specific listing. Create feedback forms with multiple choice and free text questions, and control who receives your survey and when. Send the feedback form to agents who have shown your listing and even set up the form to automatically resend as a reminder if the agent does not fill out the survey the first time.

    Features of feedback in Schedule a Showing include:
    • A photo of your listing
    • Custom questions written by you to gather the important information
    • The ability to automatically or manually share the feedback
    • Branded feedback forms.
    • And much more!

    Control How Listing Feedback is Delivered to You and Your Client

    In addition to the customizable options, you are able to control how your feedback is returned to you and your client. You have the option of having the system automatically publish feedback to your client or hold the feedback for you to review and manually send to your client.

    Use the Custom Forms to Gather More Information for Your Clients

    Feedback forms help you gain valuable insight about how the property is showing. Use the information to talk with your clients and better understand how buyers are seeing the property. Perhaps you received feedback that potential buyers are not responding well to the condition of the home in conjunction with the current price.

    Pass this information along to your clients to help explain why the showings are not resulting in sales, or use the information in conjunction with an exclusive Listing Performance Report to support a price change.

    Emily Schaffer • Senior Communications Writer / Coordinator

    Emily is the Senior Communications Writer and Coordinator. In addition to writing about TREND tools and functionality, she oversees communications about updates to the MLS, as well as the editorial content. Meet more TREND staff...

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    1 - 7 of 7 Comments
    Allen Rudner
    10/4/2017 5:05 PM

    thoroughly agree. It is truly disappointing that an agent who takes their time to show a listing but yet does not have any time at all to provide feedback either positive or negative. Each is constructive to the listing agent as well as the seller.
    Yet on the other hand if you were to show one of their listings and asked for feedback is it thru the system where they have no control or is it personally sent by them.
    I would rather get live feedback where there is an interaction between you and the other agent.
    As an instructor of real estate I tell all future licenses the importance of timely feedback on all of their showings

    Jason R. Matthews
    9/21/2017 10:23 PM

    I always give feedback but I'm equally annoyed by agents who don't customize their survey to something more informative. The default survey is a joke. It would be very useful if Showingtime had four or five types. Agents could use those to better tailor their questions to be useful to them and their sellers.

    Luann Kalamon
    9/15/2017 12:18 PM

    no excuse for agents NOT to provide feedback yet many don't, it's frustrating making unncecessary phone calls

    Shirley Gunter
    9/5/2017 5:57 PM

    I always give feedback after showing a property. Sellers do want to know what buyers thought of there home.

    Jeri Gutner
    8/27/2017 10:08 PM

    I agree with Ann. It takes a minute and I try to give great feedback on every showing I do. When I have an agent that does NOT give me feedback, I will call them. When I get no response to that I send the sellers an email and tell them that this agent has been asked 4X by me for some feedback and here's their name and number and that they should call them and see if they can get an answer. So, if you get a call from my irate seller, it's your fault . . . not mine!

    Tammy Feby
    8/8/2017 10:46 PM

    I actually got an expired listing just bc the seller liked my constructive feedback when i showed the house, they reached out to me to list their home.

    Ann Cowell
    8/7/2017 1:52 PM

    I would just be happy if agents would take the minute it takes to give some feedback and actually give feedback. It is frustrating to myself and my sellers when there is radio silence. We want to know what you and your buyers think! Really!

    1 - 7 of 7 Comments
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