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    Bright Buzz: August 2017

    Exciting progress is being made and we are getting closer to the reality of simplified MLS service for those in the Mid-Atlantic region. Read up on some important updates below and look for additional information about upcoming conversions to the new system coming soon.

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    Central Pennsylvania MLSs to Convert on October 23

    We recently made a change to the timing of the upcoming conversions in the Central Pennsylvania market, which includes Keystone, GHAR and RAYAC MLS. After better understanding the significant degree of overlap in that market, and identifying the potential confusion in data and subscribers that would be caused by the three separate conversions that were originally planned, we needed to make a change. We spoke with the leaders at each organization, and agreed to unify the three conversions into one, beginning with a preview of Bright in mid-September and conversion of these three organizations all on October 23.

    We believe this change will provide a better experience for all subscribers in this market. Dates have not yet been finalized for Sussex, Coastal, Cumberland, MRIS and TREND. The plan is for these conversions to take place from Q4, 2017 through early 2018. We will announce these dates as they are finalized.

    New Areas Available in Homesnap Pro, Powered by Bright MLS

    We are happy to announce that you now have access to even more Bright MLS data in Homesnap Pro. You can now search for listings in Lancaster and Lebanon counties. This is in addition to the 32,000 square miles of the newly unified TREND and MRIS market in the app—a direct result and key benefit of Bright’s consolidation earlier this year.

    Also, coming soon, access to Sussex County, DE; Wicomico, Worcester, and Somerset counties, MD; and York, Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, and Perry counties, PA.

    Not using Homesnap Pro, Powered by Bright MLS? Click here to find out how to get started!

    Bright MLS Rules and Regulations: 6 Important Changes

    Every participating organization helped create the Bright rules, through a collaborative process. The rules follow the NAR model rules, so they will be very familiar to many. Of course, there are some details that may be different, based on which MLS you currently use.* Here are the top 6 most notable changes:
    1. All changes to listings, including initial entry, status changes, and price changes, must be completed within 3 business days of the effective date.
    2. Every listing must include at least one listing photo. This is across all property types, but must include a curbside photo (for residential – non-new construction), an architectural rendering (for new construction) or a plat/survey (for unimproved non-residential).
    3. If requested, you must provide copies of listing agreements and all related addenda to Bright within 3 business days.
    4. A transaction that is not marketed in Bright may be added to the MLS after it has sold in 3 instances: if the property wasn’t listed or was listed with a non-Bright participant but sold by a Bright participant; or if it was subject to an open listing agreement.
    5. Cooperative Compensation may not be based upon Net Sales Price. Cooperative Compensation must be offered as a percentage of the Gross Sales Price, as a flat dollar amount, or combination of the two. For new construction only, cooperative compensation may be offered as a percentage of the base sales price, which is defined as the price before any buyer upgrades.
    6. Since Bright MLS allows non-REALTORS®, if deemed necessary non-REALTOR® participants will be required to participate in the REALTOR® complaint and arbitration process, and may have their MLS access suspended if they refuse to pay an award as the non-prevailing party in an arbitration decision.
    *These rules only apply once you have converted to Bright MLS, later this year or next. A document will be created for each market that outlines these and other significant Bright changes from your current rules.

    Learn more about what we’re doing at Bright MLS!

    Want to see more updates and information about Bright MLS? Visit our website (www.brightmls.com) or Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BrightMLS) to get weekly updates and information from Bright.

    Kristin Ortiz • Communications Writer / Coordinator

    Kristin joined TREND in September 2013 as a Communications Writer and Coordinator for the Design and Communications Department. She is responsible for creating news stories and writing about ways to best utilize TREND tools in the real estate industry. Meet more TREND staff...

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    1 - 3 of 3 Comments
    Kimberly Burnett Thomas
    9/3/2017 2:10 PM

    Regarding Rules & Regs: IMHO, I think the policy of Brokers Charging Cooperating Brokers -WYC (meaning minus what you charge) as an MLS fee needs to be examined. To my mind, this smacks of an unequal commission structure that doesn't fall under the variable commission allowances. I think Brokerages need to pick a number and charge everyone this same number. Under this policy, individual agents are penalized for the decision of their brokerage. It's just something that bothers me when I see it. Just set a number that applies to all agents!

    8/16/2017 1:40 PM


    We are also disappointed that Middlesex counties and other counties in New Jersey are not participating. That doesn’t mean they can’t participate in the future. I’d encourage you to speak with your broker, MLS and association leadership and encourage them to contact Bright MLS and discuss participation.

    Kristin Ortiz
    TREND Communications

    Deborah Hornstra
    8/15/2017 1:48 PM

    Oh how I wish you could add Middlesex (excuse me, "Central Jersey") MLS, Garden State and Monmouth/Ocean to Trend...I still have to belong to FOUR MLS systems to work in the Princeton, NJ area. Adding more areas in PA and DE does NOTHING for me, while New Jersey remains chopped into a zillion little pieces, each one with its own MLS. Please help!

    1 - 3 of 3 Comments
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