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    Changes to MLS Numbers and Listing Feeds FAQ

    We have compiled a list of questions and answers that will help you understand what changes have been made and how they might impact listings, along with suggestions to help you and your clients work with these changes.

    Bright MLS Numbers

    Why are there new Bright Listing Numbers? To consolidate listings from 7 MLS systems, we needed to ensure each listing gets its own unique identifier. All listings are now getting a Bright MLS listing number. However, listings originally entered into TREND (your listings) will still have a TREND listing number.

    What MLS number will my clients and consumers see?
    Some syndication sites don’t use MLS numbers for search while others do. Here’s a breakdown of popular syndication sites and which numbers they use:
    • BrightMLShomes.com lets you use the Bright MLS number and the TREND MLS number to search.
    • Realtor.com only lets you search listings using the new Bright MLS number.
    • Homesnap allows you to search by MLS number and uses the new Bright MLS number for Central PA only. You should continue to use the TREND MLS numbers if you are searching for listings by MLS number in Homesnap.
    • Zillow, Trulia and Homes.com do not use MLS numbers for search.
    TIP: Because only the Bright MLS number will be searchable on some of these websites, you may want to include the new Bright number on printed or online materials that include an MLS number.

    Where can I find the Bright MLS Number in the MLS?
    The new Bright MLS number is available on listings within TREND search and on the Member Full report below the current MLS Number.

    You can also search using the new Bright MLS number for TREND listings in the speed bar, which is available at the top of the screen within TREND search and report/MRIS Matrix. The Bright numbers are not searchable within the standard MLS number search but the TREND MLS numbers is. Keep in mind that you will only be able to search listings that are within the current TREND footprint.

    TIP: You can also add the Bright MLS number to your one-line displays by clicking on any column and then clicking Insert Column. Search for Bright MLS#, select it, and click Apply.

    Do I need to start searching using only the Bright MLS Number?
    You can, but you don’t have to. TREND listings can still be searched by their original MLS numbers within TREND search. It’s best to be aware of both the TREND and Bright listing numbers so that you are prepared for any inquiry you get from a client or for a search you need to do. After you convert to the Bright system, the new listings you enter will only have Bright MLS listing numbers.

    When can I start searching for Central Pennsylvania listings?
    Listings in the Central Pennsylvania market once known as GHAR, Keystone MLS and RAYAC are available for you to search, view, and share within the Homesnap Pro app.

    These listings will also be searchable within TREND search starting in Mid-January.

    New Agent ID Numbers

    Do I have a new Agent ID through Bright?
    A small number of TREND members were given a new Bright Subscriber ID. For those members, these new IDs may have affected your ability to schedule showings, buy products and more. We are currently working with vendors to resolve these issues.

    Please note that the Subscriber IDs for all TREND members will change one you are converted to Bright. We’ll communicate with you prior to that change so you can be prepared for that and other changes.

    Duplicate Listings

    Why am I seeing duplicate listings?
    When merging MLS systems, there will be duplicate listings that need to be deduplicated. We already did some deduplication for Active and Pending Residential Sale and Farm properties. We are working to eliminate the confusion that comes with a duplicated listing.

    We take the deduplication process for listings very seriously, because it effectively removes data. We take a conservative approach to this process to ensure we do not deduplicate the wrong listing. Until that work is completed, you may still see duplicate listings. We have more work to do here. Please let us know if/when you find duplicates and we will address them immediately.

    What happens to the duplicate listing?
    When a duplicate listing is found, we do not completely delete that listing. We assign those listings a “deleted” status that informs vendors to remove those listings from their display, and keeps them from showing in Search. By doing this, we can quickly go back and change a listing’s status if we ever incorrectly mark a listing as a duplicate.

    As a broker with a feed for my back office, what do I need to do about duplicate listings?
    For the data feed that brokers and some vendors use, we have assigned the duplicates a “deleted” status. This status informs vendors to hide these listings in their systems so that duplicated listings do not show. If there are listings that still have duplicates, please contact us at data-support@brightmls.com and let us know.

    IDX Feeds and ShowingTime

    When does my IDX site change?
    If your vendor is a large national vendor, or serves subscribers from the Central Pennsylvania market, they likely did switch to the Bright feed. To alleviate any concern with your website, you should check with your vendor to determine if they are still using the MRIS/TREND data feed for your website or if they have switched to the new Bright MLS IDX feed. If you are having a problem with your IDX, please send an email to data-support@brightmls.com to let us know who your vendor is, and we’ll help them with the switch to the new feed.

    What’s happening with ShowingTime?
    Some subscribers have recently experienced issues scheduling showings in TREND, seeing updates and showing information on listings, or with ShowingTime’s appointment center. These issues were caused by delays in the data flowing from TREND to Bright’s new data feed, used by ShowingTime as well as other vendors. We regret this confusion and are working to address this as quickly as possible including for the following issues:
    • The time between listing entry/edit and when that information showed in MRIS, TREND and the Bright data feed was sporadically delayed. The time for these updates to move to ShowingTime is approximately 15 minutes. If you are still experiencing any issues, please call us directly so we can address them.
    • New agents are only being added to the Bright data feed once a day through a manual process. This process is in place temporarily so we can ensure there's no duplication of agents and offices as we work through the integration of these systems.

    What if my problem is not listed above?
    Our goal is and always will be to address subscriber concerns quickly. As we work through this transition period, we are working diligently to eliminate issues. You and your customers are our priority. If you have an issue not listed above, we want to hear from you. Please email support@trendmls.com and our team will assist you.

    Again, we regret any confusion that has resulted during the initial phase of this transition. We understand your frustration and appreciate your patience. We want to empower everyone to get more out of their MLS and we look forward to delivering on our promise of modern, easy-to-use systems to serve your clients and run your business.

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