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    Bright Buzz: It’s been a while

    Bright (the company) formed this past year. Over the past year we’ve been busy building the foundation of the new Bright MLS system and on continued alignment of fees and policies across the entire Bright footprint. There have been some challenges, but we are using your comments and suggestions to improve our systems and services to provide you with the MLS you need.

    Bright MLS was formed as a direct response to demands that the MLS break down market barriers and provide real estate professionals with expanded property information that exceeds what consumers can get from publicly available websites, but that’s not the whole story. Find out why MLS consolidation is a logical step towards lasting change in the real estate industry and what it means for you.

    We know you have many questions about this transition -- and we want to answer them, so we have compiled a few FAQs below. We also want to reaffirm our commitment to keeping you better informed through Bright Buzz or other TREND emails, as you get closer to realizing all the benefits of the Bright unification.

    What’s new and what’s not?

    During this time of transition, some things at your MLS have changed while others have remained the same. View a graphic that clarifies what has and has not changed so far for you.

    Which system do I use?

    While we continue to transition many different markets to Bright, there are currently 3 separate MLS systems under the Bright umbrella. Once the transition is complete, all subscribers will use the Bright system. Learn which MLS system you are currently on based on your location.

    What do I need to know about Bright MLS Numbers?

    To consolidate listings from many MLS systems, we needed to ensure each listing has its own unique identifier. All TREND listings now have both a TREND and a Bright MLS number. Get tips for using these numbers when searching for listings.

    How does Bright data access compare to what was offered for TREND?

    Bright data access provides listing information for the entire Bright footprint, so even though you are not yet using Bright systems, your data feed is not limited to the boundaries of TREND. Recently, pricing for data licensing was reduced to only $10/month for one website/product (was $28/month) or $12.50/month for two or more websites or products (was $50/month). This data access also now includes Solds information, which was formerly available from TREND at an extra cost. Read more about Bright data access.

    What is changing next? Minor changes to data going out in feeds for IDX and third party sites

    Over the next few weeks, you may notice some minor changes to listing information on IDX and third party websites. These changes begin to align TREND listing information to the new Bright information set. This is another small step towards your conversion to the new consolidated Bright geography and system. As these changes are made, you may notice small changes to your listing details, including:
    • When you select Listor or Owner as the Square Footage Source, this will now show as Estimated.
    • Carport will show on these websites as Attached Carport, unless you’ve also selected Detached in the Garage Features.

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