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Mobile Solutions


Access listing information and more, wherever you are with
GoTREND! Access current listing details and photos, use
GPS search, view detailed maps, schedule a showing and
much more with TREND's app, GoTREND.

Harness the convenient features of tablets and phones!

GoTREND is designed specifically for the functionality available on iOS and Android devices. It uses features and tools inherent in mobile devices, like touch to dial, GPS search and other touch screen capabilities like swipe, pinch to zoom, and tap to open a listing.

Search 3 ways to find active and sold listings

  • Tap the "near me" arrow, activating GPS search to find properties nearby
  • Draw an area with your finger or stylus
  • Enter the address or MLS area.
You can customize your search through various filters, similar to the search criteria in the MLS. The search results will be easily viewable in a mobile-optimized format.

Schedule a showing while
you're out

Have you been out and gotten a call from a buyer that they'd like to see a certain property as soon as tonight? With GoTREND you won't have to wait until you get back to the office to check availability and schedule the showing. Open the app, find the property, check availability and schedule the showing right in the app.

Access listing information
and more

GoTREND gives you access to listings in the MLS, whether you’re out on a day of showings or doing a listing presentation. Within the app you can save listings as favorites, share listings with your clients and colleagues, access TREND’s membership directory and get an agent’s contact information right from their listing.

Free for Android and iOS devices

GoTREND is available for free in the iTunes and Google Play store. Download and begin using this valuable tool today!

GoTREND's Mobile Website

Do you want mobile access to TREND, but don't have an Android or iOS device? GoTREND has a mobile website. It works on all devices, through your mobile browser; and it requires no additional downloads. With GoTREND's mobile website, you can enjoy all of the benefits of GoTREND on any mobile device. go.trendmls.com

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