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    TREND Email Subscription Process

    TREND's consumer email subscription process helps ensure that you receive all relevant and legitimate email from your real estate professional. Through this process, you can choose whether or not to receive MLS email from a TREND member.

    How to receive real estate information

    In order to receive real estate information from a TREND member, you must subscribe. When you receive the first email containing listing information, you may see a message from your real estate professional as well as a link to "View Listings." By clicking this link, you are subscribing to receive email from this TREND member.

    If you do not want to receive email from that TREND member, click the link at the bottom of the email. This will block that TREND member from sending you any MLS related email.

    How do I re-subscribe to TREND email?

    If you accidentally unsubscribe from emails from your real estate professional, you will have to re-subscribe. Simply send an email to subscribe@matrixemailer.com with "Subscribe" as the subject line in order to continue receive emails from your real estate professional!

    Other important information

    • We addressed the issue with emails getting caught in spam. We've changed back to the old email: trend@trendmls.com. This should prevent emails to your clients from getting caught in spam. Should you encounter this problem again, however, trend@trendmls.com should be added to your clients' accepted user list.

    • Once you subscribe, your real estate professional may freely send you MLS email containing TREND real estate listing information.

    • If you use more than one email address, each email address must be subscribed individually in order to receive email from a TREND member.

    • If you have subscribed to one professional and begin working with a different professional, you must subscribe or unsubscribe to TREND email from this new real estate professional.

    • If you do not click a link to subscribe or unsubscribe, the email request will be held for 90 days—during which time the TREND member cannot send you any further MLS email. After 90 days has passed, they can email you again.

    • TREND will not use, disclose or market consumer email information to third parties. For more information on how TREND handles consumer email information, read TREND's Privacy Policy.

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