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    How to Use the Portal

    The Portal is your new space to view listings and communicate with your agent. It includes information directly from the MLS, so it's accurate and up-to-date. And you can access it as often as you want.

    Here are 5 quick tips to get you started in this new space:


    Click the link on the emails from your agent to view your newest listing matches.

    Your agents will send you new listings that match your must-have list. Click the link in those emails to view your most recent matches. All of the new listings will be highlighted yellow in the Portal. Accidently unsubscribed to those emails from your agent? Just email optin.trend@matrixemailer.com to begin receiving the emails again.


    Display the listing in the way that works best for you.

    The Display lets you choose how you want to view listings. If you prefer to quickly scan the listings, choose the Client One-Line option. If you prefer to use the map and view a picture of each listing, the Split (Map with Thumbnail) might work best for you. Whatever option you choose, click the MLS number to easily switch to the Client Full and see all of the information about a particular property.


    Use the icons to communicate with your agent.

    Every listing has 4 icons. These can help you quickly organize and tell your agent which properties you are interested in seeing and which properties you would prefer not to see.

    Heart Icon  Favorite property: Use the heart.
    Light Bulb Icon  Possible property: Use the light bulb.
    Trash Icon  Not interested: Use the trash can.
    Note Icon  Need to say something: Use the note.


    Search for listings using the map and Search.

    When you started thinking about buying a house, you probably searched online, looking for homes in your dream neighborhood. Your agent took your search to the next level by setting up a customized search with all your must-haves, but you may still want to search by yourself every now and then.

    Search anytime in the Portal! Just draw an area on the map and add additional criteria through the Search dropdown.


    View notes, shared information and more under Welcome.

    When you access the Portal through the email your agent sends you, you’ll most likely be brought directly to Properties. This is where you’ll view and search for listings. But take a few minutes whenever you go to the portal to view the Welcome tab. Here you can view the listings you marked with the heart icon, and see any information your agents shared with you, including responses to your notes. You'll also receive an email about responses to your notes. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time by clickin the link in the email.

    Get More Help!

    Click the video below to watch a video demo on using the Portal.

    You can also click here to view a printable flyer with tips!

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