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Residential Activity Report

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The Residential Activity Report provides market activity for an entire county or township/borough for a particular month. This statistical report details single-family home and condominium sales broken down by the number of bedrooms, price, days on market and type of financing.

Detailed reports appear in the MLS. They can be printed for additional use.

The Residential Activity Report is updated around the 15th day of each month.

The Residential Activity Report creates four different reports at once. For example, if you were searching for statistics from May 2009, you could view the following reports:

  • Residential Settled This Month May 2009
  • Residential Pending This Month May 2009
  • Residential Settled Year to Date January 1, 2009 Thru May 30, 2009
  • Residential Active This Month May 2009

Viewing a Report

  1. Click the MLS tab.
  2. Hover over Statistics and click Residential Activity.
  3. Select the following information:
    • From the Date drop-down menu, select the month and year of the report you would like to view.
    • From the County drop-down menu, select the county you would like to view. (The default is "All")
    • From the Township drop-down menu, select the township you would like to view. (The default is "All")
  4. Click Report.
  5. The report are ordered by:
    • Residential Settled this month
    • Residential Pending This Month
    • Residential Settled Year to Date
    • Residential Active This Month


The Residential Activity Report offers information about market activity for single-family homes and condominium sales.

Statistical information on the reports includes:

  • Number of units broken down by number of bedrooms and by different ranges of price.
  • Total units sold and total sold volume.
  • Median price
  • Average price
  • Percentage of the sold price was of the original list price, if appropriate.
  • Days on market
  • Methods of financing

Reprinting with Permission

Information contained in TREND statistical reports may be reprinted for business purposes only. Please attribute TREND as the source for any information that you use. If you have any questions, please contact TREND.