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Adult 55+/62+ Community

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Follow these guidelines when entering a listing in TREND's MLS system as "55+/62+ Community", previously called Housing for Older Persons (HFOP), which indicates age restricted 55+/62+ communities. Complete and return the Notification of Exempted Property form when you upload the listing.

Congress passed the Fair Housing Act of 1989 that provides for an advertising exemption for "Adult 55+/62+ Community." When advertising, you must give notice to the public, including real estate professionals, when the property you are advertising meets the guidelines for "Adult 55+/62+ Community." The exemption was created for two age groups:

  • Housing for, and 100% occupied by persons sixty-two (62) years of age or older.
  • Housing intended and operated for occupancy by at least one person fifty-five (55) years of age or older per unit in at least 80% of the units.

Failure to advertise the listing in the correct fashion makes it possible to challenge any claim that it qualifies for "Adult 55+/62+ Community" and constitutes a failure to meet the legal requirements to qualify for the exemption.

Adding an Adult 55+/62+ Community Listing

  • Enter “Y” in the “Meets HUD Requirements for "Adult 55+/62+ Community" field.
  • Use acceptable terms when referring to housing in the remarks section (see below).
  • Complete the Notification of Exempted Property form with the MLS listing number and fax it to TREND at 1-610-783-4695 at the time the listing is entered.

Notification of Exempted Property form (approx. 135k download)


The guidelines of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Human Relations Commission permit publishers (including newspapers or TREND) to publish an advertisement for "Adult 55+/62+ Community," and not be held liability in that advertising, when the following acceptable terms are used:

  • Senior Housing
  • Retirement Housing
  • Adult 55+
  • Adult Community, 55 and over
  • Housing for Older Persons
  • Senior Community
  • Retirement Community
  • Adult 62+
  • Adult Community, 62 and over

Equivalent phrases referring to persons 55 or 62 (eg. Senior Community for 55+) are also acceptable. The term “adult” should not be used alone, without reference to age limitation, as a description of Housing for Older Persons. For example, “Adult” by itself is unacceptable, but “Adult 55+” or “Adult 62+” is acceptable. For a list of words that are not acceptable in TREND for use in relation to Adult 55+/62+ Community, read Words Prohibited or Restricted in Free Form Data Fields.


  • Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission @ 1-717-783-8274
  • Delaware: Delaware Department of Human Relations @ 1- 302-577-5056
  • New Jersey: Fair Housing Hotline @ 1-800-496-4294